SFU-MA-TO - come good home


SFU-MA-TO - come good home

the debut 4 track spree by le triomphe des trios. maybe it's not as straight up bluesy as THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION, but it is two guitars & drums. live they had some help from Lars H.'s girlfriend Karen sometimes, but were mostly base-less. the four songs are:

1. "regnessap" 1997
2. "spandex treetops" 1997
3. "perkins (his finger collapsing...)"
4. "mandible julienne"

lyrics to these & other sfu-ma-to songs are available here.

saadan er det baar. 30 min. cassette (1997).

price: $5 USD, $6.50 CND, 40 DKK, etc. add $1 USD or equivalent for shipping.

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