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plays drums, electric bass, e. guitar, acoustic guitar, my vocal chords, body parts, and whatever else yrs truly can get my hands on. when not playing solo, y.t. plays with sfu-ma-to (my main band), NAVRATILOVA, & PROXY KICKY TRICKS. and when musical expression isn't happening, there are always poems to read!

speaking of which, feel free to click here for yrs truly's latest chapbook, 'one! by land, two! by sea, three! by air', or here for some poems which became song lyrics.


LARS RO - do not want what haven't got
the long-time-in-the-works (1997-2009) cover of Sinéad O'CONNOR's masterpiece of a second album, released on its 20th anniversary. enjoy!

ughCD010 / zoz004
LARS RO - distant music
double CDR/cass.
part one in a two part series of Lars' home recordings. originally available only in cassette form, this long-awaited release for his few dedicated fans is now available (October 2007) remastered on CD! 90 min.

also have a few songs on assorted compilations...


listen to "gunshots & handclaps" - possibly my first recording experiment ever!

for a much more recent track, here is my spontaneous version of the "free Gaza" song (August 2008).

and check out my brand spanking new & updated Leonard COHEN cover, "Democracy is coming to the Middle East" (it's the first song there on the sfu·ma·to myspace).




at ?

yrs truly has played many solo shows, but not so many were billed as 'Lars RO.' one of these was circa 1994 with TRUMAN'S WATER and HOWARD NORTH. another was with the latter, SLAPHAPPY 5, SOFA, and WOMBFRUIT. a third was with SPOOL, THE INBREDS, and SLAPHAPPY 5 again. yet another was at a YAWP! at Bistro 4, with the likes of ANGELOS and Martha WAINWRIGHT and family. sometime circa 1996, yrs truly opened up for LISA GAMBLE at Fatale, a cool organic style cafe on Rue Ontario near Beaudry. check it out if it's still there, although i highly doubt it still is...

yrs truly played on 5 February 1998 at Achtung Cowboy, along with POLISH. it was in Vesterbro, København, Denmark - now it's sadly defunct. also opened for THE NAKED at Studenterhuset once.

while in California, yrs truly played at the Stork Club in Oakland once, but forget who else played that night. experimented with different audio sources that night: me, the guitar, a boombox, recorded minidisc tracks...

then sang at a few of the first, big anti-Afghani War protests in Danmark in 2001 & again at one of the anti-Iraqi War demonstrations in 2003. Carl Christian TOFTE (a.k.a. ham fra Puls / Mr. NASA DUDE) & yrs truly played an interesting show 2 October 2002 at Ungdomshuset in København, Denmark. we took turns accompanying each others' spoken word readings with feedback, drums, banjo, dictaphone, and one of those funny African pieces of wood with a bunch of metal keys attached to it. stay tuned for a clip from it...

am pleased as punch to report that yrs truly spent New Year's Eve 2004 at Montreal's Casa del Popolo getting behind the mic to the rhythms of 1-SPEED BIKE a.k.a. one of GSY!BE's two drummers. hurray! thanks, Aidan!

a few more fascinating shows were via Skype from Australia to Berlin - 2 Sept. & 8 Oct. 2011 with MACACO MAU. yrs truly was in Eastern Australia, while the show unfolded at Die Fr�hperle - Boddinstra�e 5in Neuk�lln. anoth happened in April 2012 from København to The Zone in Berlin.


yrs truly has now published 8 poetry chapbooks via purr mama resistor books. kick arse.

on 7 April 2009, Elena, THE GEIST, & yrs truly delivered poetry / spoken word / call it what you will at Det Poetiske Bureau in København N. and on 23 April, we reconvened at Bolsefabrikken in København NV as part of LYDFESTIVALEN 2009.

on 23 July, yrs truly read some poems (in addition to sfu ma to playing a fun set) at Det Poetiske Bureau as a benefit show for participation in the ultimately disappointing World March for Peace & Nonviolence.

on 28 June 2010, stopped by the spoken word Monday arrangement in Paris & read some poems. swing on by next time!

on 17 December 2011, 'free hair transplant' was read at a Julian ASSANGE / Bradley MANNING rally in Brisbane, Australia.


of the second (Psycho-Cycling-Bike-Aid Benefit) show, Jamie O' MEARA of Montreal's HOUR said something like:

LARS RO - if you suck and you know it clap your hands. plays crappy covers crappily with loads of help. love the guy.

so he loves me! well, it wasn't the best show, but i only played one cover tune, so whatever, you fucking clown! but i guess bad press is better than no press.

(in mid March 96, Little Dave of THE LARS RO ORCHESTRA recorded Chris JOHANNSEN & i doing a 20 minute long piano/drums/vocal piece. let me know if you want to hear it. i know i do! Little Dave knows his shit so well you could call him a scatologist. cross yr fingers that we find the tapes someday in the future & release it here on p.m.r....)

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