"watching the taillights disappear..."


the high school cover band. love them!!! they were:

ariel SERBIN: electric guitar.

jeff PARRETCHAN: e. bass.

kate CONDOS: vocals.

lars RO: e. bass (while jeff was a college freshman).

luke ABRUZZO: e. guitar, vocals.

rob VIOLA: drums.

theodore a. (ted) PAULY: vocals, e. guitar.

some guy whose name i can't remember: e. guitar in the early days.

jeanna BERNSTEIN: keyboards (for a spell).

this band existed along the suburbs of philadelphia's main line from 1989 or so until 1991, when practically everyone left dispersed across north america for various college & university pursuits. at their peak, they won the radnor high school 1991 battle of the bands. they came 6 votes away from winning the haverford high school (another local high school) battle of the bands too (thereby defeating one of the school's bands!), but there was talk of foul play.
upon returning, ariel, jeff, rob, & ted scrapped their tedious former co-conspirators & went for a 'four-to-the floor' approach, as HAYWOOD.

they did a handful of 4 (& 2, & 1) track recordings here & there which may perhaps one day be released here on p.m.r. as of now, the only material they have released is Windows on Au Foyer At Home, p.m.r. cassette compilation #2. it's a beautiful song, though...

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